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You've Probably Been

There Before...

Before finding out about our revolutionary clickbank affiliate software.

You found about Clickbank and affiliate marketing in general.

It sparked your interest.

You’ve seen the amount of money other people make with this.

You thought that if they did, so you can.

You picked an offer.

You started to promote it.

But when the money should have started to come in. They didn’t. It just didn’t work. No matter what you did.

And It's Frustrating 

Really Frustrating...

And if it did, it happend with small amounts. Not enough for the hard work you had to do.

You want something that will also bring a lot of free time and also a high-income for you. A real game-changer, so to speak.

The Good News. 


And it’s EASIER than you think. And I’ve told you before. 

We made it so.

I'll See You Inside...

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It’s Your Ultimate Clickbank

Affiliate Income Freedom Software

ClickBank Offers are sometimes hard to use and make money with. Our software fixes this exact issue. 

Stop trying to think about complicated marketing schemes, ranking factors, website building.

You now have the opportunity to finally start making 5-figures/month and get the life you deserve.

Freedom matters a lot these days. 

That’s what the software actually does for you. It gives you the freedom to create high-quality, clickbank offer websites that are easily ranked by Google every day.

It’s like click & earn. As simple as that. And now you have the opportunity to click & earn for yourself with our easy-to-use, step-by-step software.

How Does It Work?

As Easy As 1-2-3

Since we wanted to make it even simpler for you. 

You created it with a fully newbie-friendly interface & setup guide that even somebody who never managed to make money online could do it.



Choose A Site Template (dozens to choose from!)



Enter Any Keyword To Fetch Unique Content from 2 million Premade articles (auto-fills your site with content!)


Get Paid

Enter Your Click Bank ID & Press 'Save' To Auto-Rank To Page 1 & Receive Affiliate Commissions!

Imagine the Freedom 

Our Software Gives You.

It will help you: 

  • Stop the frustration of trying to make money with clickbank products
  • Generate a steady 4-5 figure income for you
  • Escape the 9-5 rat race that you’ve been caught in for so long
  • Achieve the income you and your family deserve
  • Feel relaxed knowing there is something for you that works 24/7 automatically for you so you can feel at ease.

You Deserve This

You’ve been through so many things and methods and nothing worked properly for you. 


There was so much work that you felt it’s not sustainable for you.

That’s why you want something passive, just like our software. 

Something that you deploy once, and it starts making money for you. Money that helps fuel your dreams, your needs.

What can you do with 4-figures a day? That’s 5-figures per month!

And Thus, I Present You...

CB Income Bot TM

Pre-Loaded Sites With New Daily Reviews for Top Converting Clickbank Products.

After You’re Done With The Basic Clickbank Offers, You’ll Want To 

Scale Your Income Even More 

There’s something you can also do about this.

Scaling to constant 5-figures/month.

You have the opportunity to get free bonuses to boost your sales even more!

You can give away my TOP products as bonuses for your offers

Bonus Offers To Scale Your Income:



InstaProfit is an all-in-one Instagram to allow you to make four-figure income easily on a daily basis with a free traffic source. You can build email lists, Generate sales, and Drive Free Traffic to anywhere you want using this groundbreaking cloud-based App.

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Internet Marketing Methods Case Study

How I made 3 figures income per week without having an email list or paid traffic. You don’t even need a list in order for this to work. And you won’t have to create a product.

Worth - $97


Facebook Group

You will get Free Access to customer only Facebook groups where me and my team will answer all your questions.

Worth - $147


Live Training

You will get Exclusive access to Secret live Training which will show you how we are running a six figure income business without having any employees.

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Infinite Webinar

Infinite Webinar is a unique webinar platform with never-seen-before features that allow you to automate your ENTIRE sales process from start to finish for completely hands-off recurring profits with webinars.

Worth - $297

365 Day Money Back Guarantee

You’re In Safe Hands With Our 

If you don’t feel more confident in the way you make money with Clickbank products, 

and still feel insecure as a result of using CB Income Bot, we’ll refund you, 

give you double the money back, and let you keep CB Income Bot as a thank you for trying us out

Venkatesh K.

  • Get Access to 2 million+ Pre-made Articles with PLR license.
  • Pre-Loaded sites with new daily reviews for top converting Clickbank products.
  • Videos, Bonuses… everything done for you to profit with no work.
  • Generate Preloaded Money-Making websites that are 
  • 100% Fully Done For You. 
  • No need to write any content. 
  • It will generate fresh, new, converting content for you and post it

You Now Have The Power To 

Make Money With ClickBank Offers

100% Fully Done-For-You Clickbank Websites

100% Fully Original Content That You Can Rely On

Completely Prepared To Be Ranked By Google 

Faster Google Ranking So You Can Already Start Making Money

Step-By-Step, beginner friendly software. Easy-to-setup. Fast Installation. Newbie Friendly.

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Venkatesh K.

From: Venkatesh K.

To: The Frustrated Beginner

Re: Start Making Money With CB Income Bot

Hi, I’m Venkatesh Kumar

I’ve also struggled with making money with clickbank products.

It actually made me so frustrated about life like nothing else.

When I looked through the offers and started to promote something,

It always felt like a dead end.

I grabbed an offer, started to promote it for days or weeks. Barely anything happens. 

No sales at all. And if I got it, it was not worth all the work I had to do.

One day I said, “Enough!” I need to do something.

“What if I automatize all these things? 

What if I create a simple automated system that does everything needed in order to make money with these clickbank products?”

Then the groundbreaking idea came

I took only the things that mattered and placed them in a simple to use toolbox.

Get CB Income Bot At A Low One-Time Price

$297 Monthly - Pay Just $12 Once And Use Forever!

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The Key To Unlock 

ClickBank’s Sweetest Secret

Once you’ve started using this, you may never want to go back to anything else.

It’s the combination of these 3 vital factors for an easy-to-follow path to make money with Clickbank Products Fully Autopilot.

 Fully Automatized Software

The whole idea to have an amazing life is to work as less as possible and focus on what makes you enjoy life for real. 

Things like going to the beach, enjoying time with your family, doing the activities you enjoy the most. Feeling you’ve attained freedom.

  • No need to purchase domain names or hosting. 
  • No need for wordpress or complex plugins.

 Easy To Use & Fast Implementation

When it comes to softwares, it’s always a “headache” to use them properly. 

They come with complex interfaces and language that sometimes even the best from the industry have trouble using them. This is no longer the case. Our software is enhanced with a simple-to-use interface and intuitive controls.

Click & Earn. Put Your Income on 100% Automatization

Once you’ve got the software up and running. 

It will automatically do everything for you. It’s basically “Set & Forget”. 

Your Clickbank funds will start rising and the websites will get 100% ranked by Google while you enjoy the life you always deserved to have. 

Free Hosting & Domains are Included:

You will get Free hosting & Domains for lifetime…

So, CB Income Bot will save you thousands of dollars every year.

Click & Earn. Put Your Income on 100% Automatization

Pay once and use forever. 

There is no monthly fee for lifetime. This offer is for a limited time, so take advantage of this.

It Works On Any Devices

CB Income Bot works on WIndows, mac and android devices. You can access any devices of your choice and anywhere you want.

Get Unique & High Quality Content

You will get High Quality Done for you articles for your sites. It will auto publish as per your settings.

Self Updating Content

Your Clicbank review sites regularly update with Fresh new and unique content every single day. You don’t need to lift your finger, everything is fully automated for you.

Monetise By Widgets, Sides Banners & Ads Clicks

You can monetise your site by widgets and site banners by placing adsense links, affiliate links and CPA offers.

Fully Optimsed SEO Site For 1st Page Ranking

Your Clickbank SIte is 100% SEO optimized for Google Number 1 Ranking. 

SO, you can easily rank any keywords using your site.

100% Automated Sites

These Clickbank Review sites are 100% automated and it works on autopilot. 

So, you can enjoy unlimited Clickbank commissions without doing any work.

In Built Optin Form

You have optin form to build your list on autopilot. Everyone knows money is on the list. 

so, your site allows you to collect unlimited leads everyday.

4 Figure Per Day Training

You will get Expert training to use CB Income Bot to maximize your earning. 

This training shows you a full tutorial of how to use this Tool to make easy cash on Autopilot.

Variety Of Template

You have plenty of templates to choose for your clickbank review site.

A Real-Life Goldmine 

Example of Using Our Software

Does This Sound Great To You?

If yes, there is something you NEED to be aware of.

IMPORTANT: The amount of software units we can sell is highly limited.

We can only give this to a limited number of individuals who are serious and are in real need of an automated income based on clickbank products.

Please note: The purchase option is available for only a limited amount of time.

If you want to get a chance to use our software and start your 4-figures/day income from clickbank products, you must ACT NOW.

Get CB Income Bot At A Low One-Time Price

$297 Monthly - Pay Just $12 Once And Use Forever!

HURRY! Price Rises Again In...

Get Instant Access Now!

Limited Time Offer - This Is Expiring Very Soon

Get CB Income Bot At A Low One-Time Price

$297 Monthly - Pay Just $12 Once And Use Forever!

HURRY! Price Rises Again In...

Get Instant Access Now!

Limited Time Offer - This Is Expiring Very Soon



Affiliate Esy is the world’s first automated affiliate review site that builds and earn commission for you completely Autopilot in only 60 seconds”

Worth - $197

Here's A Recap Of Everything

You're Getting Instant Access To!

  • 1 Click Affiliate site with Self Updating software - $8,000 Value
  • DFY Affiliate offers to make money - $1,490 Value
  • Four Figure per day Tutorials - $1,590 Value
  • Lifetime Free Hosting & Domains are Included - $990 Value
  • ​24/7 Faster Support - $997 Value
  • ​6 Fast Action Bonuses - $1,997 Value
  • ​​Double Your Money Back Promise - PRICELESS
  • ​365 Day Money Back Guarantee - PRICELESS

Total Value You Get Today = ​$14,130

​Grab CB Income Bot & Save $30

​Grab It All Now For A One-Time Price: $12

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 Richard Says "I got $100+ Daily"

I got an opportunity to use CB Income Bot. 

I started getting free traffic and Clickbank commissions everyday. 

I got $100+ Clickbank commissions everyday.

Richard W.

 Joy R. Says "I got $100+ Daily"

CB Income Bot is perfect for me to build automated Clickbank Affiliate sites without doing much manual and tedious work. I made $1000+ in the last 10 days using CB Income Bot without doing any work.

Joy R.


2 Million Plus Premade Articles with PLR License

Now you don’t need write articles or hire content writers anymore. 

Get Access to 2 million plus done for you articles on various niches with 100% PLR Rights to use yourself or sell anyone without any restriction. Everything is done for you. 

Just select the articles that you want and it will be auto published with your affiliate link.


Frequently asked Question:

Q:   Will I get Support for this software?

A:  Yes, our 24*7 support team is always available to solve your issues and help you get the best results from CB income Bot.

Q:   Are there any monthly fees?

A:  No, currently we are offering a one-time price for this tool. So, get this best deal before reversing to a Monthly subscription.

Q:   Is there any money-back guarantee?

A:  Yes, we are offering 30 days money-back guarantee. So there is no risk when you act now. The only way you lose is by taking no action.

Q:   Do you update your product and improve it?

A:  Yes, we always maintain our product and improve with new features.

Q:   How to Activate my Early Bird discount?

A:  Click the below button to grab this at an early bird discount.

Get CB Income Bot At A Low One-Time Price

$297 Monthly - Pay Just $12 Once And Use Forever!

HURRY! Price Rises Again In...

Get Instant Access Now!

Limited Time Offer - This Is Expiring Very Soon

Get Instant Access Now!

Limited Time Offer - This Is Expiring Very Soon